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Press Release: Wireless Power Interface

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Neosen energy introduces its revolutionary modular wireless power interface technology.

Supporting up to 100w in delivered power, it offers developers with unrivalled flexibility and scalability. Operating from wide range dc or ac power, the tx/rx pair control settings to scale voltage/current/power to the load. Used with our ‘’wireless battery’’™ technology Neosen can eliminate dangerous single fault/short circuit/overcharge runaway conditions that may occur using conventional wired charging schemes.

Neosen energy ‘’wireless battery’’™ products require no wired connection, utilizing the wireless interface for bidirectional power and communication. Ruggedized and waterproof (ip68), you can truly have a mobile product that can go anywhere.

Visit our booth at ces sands, hall g - 51265 (eureka park marketplace) to see the new range of ‘’connected products’’ that can open your mind to the future of wireless power.


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