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Introducing Neosen’s trilateration and multizone geo-fence management technology

Neosen introduces trilateration and multizone geo-fence management technology in our NeoSmart™ products . Using our proprietary HW, Antennae and Positioning algorithms the product outperforms current offerings that are using GPS. Unrivalled Performance within Cluttered environments and products with extended battery life are key features of our new NeoSmart™ tracking devices and sensors. The multizone geofence feature provides a more effective way to manage multiple asset types within the same management Software Platform. Scalable and adaptable the technology delivers the next generation in LoRa based asset management tools.

Neosen’s CEO Paul Garrity commented : The NeoSmart™ infrastructure products are designed to provide a low HW system cost, coupled to a flexible cloud based platform. We offer a range of HW connectivity solutions in addition to our sensor platform.

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