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What is NeoSmart ?

Smart wearable devices for children and elderly to track their location, bring peace of mind to parents and caregivers

Human Tracking

Human Tracking

Smart wearable devices embedded with different sensors that enable all-round patient management 

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring

Smart tag for any kind of animals to track location and health, help the owners to minimise the loss 

Animal Tracking

Animal Tracking

Smart sensing device to detect occupancy status, help to reduce search time parking

Parking Management

Parking Management

Paper-thin luggage tag with printable battery to track the luggage’s location, help staffs to access the real location of luggage

Luggage Tracking

Luggage Tracking

Smart sensing can help to track the location and shipping container activities like temperature, shake movement to improve operations and enhance efficiencies  

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

NeoSmart is a long range and low cost tracking solution with a range of 7 km radius. This is achieved by a customized tracking device ( for example, animal tracking tag, patient wristband and luggage tag) and simple hardware installation that costs less than a smartphone. You can simply track your assets’ location anytime and anywhere, and the system will alert you when the asset leaves the boundary that is programmed in our app. NeoSmart uses low power radio communication and triangulation to locate the position of assets without GPS.

Low Power

Low Cost

7 km

Long Range

Positioning without GPS

Embedded with sensors


7 km

One gateway covers 7 km.

Smart Tag



Our App

NeoSmart in a box.

Screenshot 2018-09-26 at 15.27.38.png

Alert you when assets leave safe boundary

Warning: Assets leave geofence!

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