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Press Release: Neosen announce a strategic partnership with ANTwave for NeoSmart™ LoRa based system

Neosen and ANTwave Technology LTD, announce a strategic partnership for our NeoSmart™ LoRa based Radio systems.

ANTwave Antennae Technology utilizes end product surface materials as antennae including glass and thin film surfaces.

Our NeoSmart™ infrastructure hardware with ANTwave, provides compact and low cost LoRa transceivers with optimized antennae for each environment, improving signal integrity, range and positioning performance.

Neosen CEO Paul Garrity Commented : This is a  game changing partnership for Neosen, ANTwave’s technology will bring unprecedented levels of performance to our NeoSmart™ products.

ANTwave CEO Vincent Yu commented : With the partnership with Neosen, ANTwave will penetrate our antennae technology into one more application, LoRa.

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