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Neosen energy introduces the next generation of solar micro-inverter technology.

Designed for real word conditions and rated up to 300w @ -40c to +85c, provides unparalleled performance.

Utilizing a Neosen patented technology, a single chip asic based solution with cost/performance as a key driver. The simple design architecture supports <$0.25/w, with less than 200 parts count, the technology can deliver up to 96% cec efficiency@300w.

Based around thin film capacitor bulk storage and a balanced output current source it delivers low thd and is var capable to ± 0.85 meeting emerging us and euro standards.

Designed to meet the latest worldwide grid tied standards, the product is fully programmable through our long range Lora gateway IOT products.

The single sku product can be field programmed allowing regional and local settings to be adjusted such as voltage/frequency/ridethrough-timing/var support.

Visit our booth at ces sands, hall g - 51265 (eureka park marketplace) to see the next generation of solar products.


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